With the increasing social need for more responsible business, we help to make this happen through the partnerships we create, joining those who believe in leaving the world better than they found it.

We help to connect organisations looking for skilled communications leaders who are able to drive sustainable transformation and create a responsible future.

These leaders are able to recognise ongoing global challenges and are at the forefront of designing and driving change programmes, to maintaining an organisational's brand and reputation, enhancing narratives around ESG, CSR, social justice, government affairs, diversity, and philanthropy.

Whether you're a business looking to deliver positive social change or have a desire to switch your career to a more impact focused role and organisation, our specialist team can help you achieve your goals.

Examples of roles we have

Global Head of Communications
Group Communications (Sustainability) Lead
Corporate Affairs Director
Communications Director
Investor Relations Director
VP Investor Relations
Head of Sustainability and Corporate Affairs
Head of Corporate Affairs
Head of Investor Relations

GS2 In Action