Biodiversity / Nature Adaptation

We are at a critical point in history as the biodiversity landscape is evolving.

Until recently nature has not been prioritised as it should have been, and it will continue to decline if we do not change how we interact with it. However, talent shortages in this space mean there is a huge misunderstanding of how to recruit, onboard and retain these experts, which is where we come in.

Nature and climate change are two sides of the same coin, and with nature-based solutions gaining prominence, our clients rely on us to help them find, source and select the people who will make a dynamic difference in the health of humanity. 

Growing investment is becoming available as well as opportunities to transform organisation strategy in line with these methodologies.

Our expert recruitment team are experienced working with organisations that are helping to transform society’s relationship with nature and biodiversity, enabling us all to accelerate and achieve our goals of a sustainable future.

Example roles we have recruited:

Head of Ecology
Principal Ecologist
Biodiversity Net gain specialist
TNFD Consultant
Nature based solutions Lead
Nature Neutrality Consultant
Associate Director - Sustainable Drainage
Assistant Director, Nature Based Solutions
Head of Biodiversity

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GS2 In Action


Sustainability and Social Impact are central to every decision we make. In order for us to truly understand and operate in our industry credibly, it is of vital importance to us that we practise what we preach. This is why we have worked tirelessly to achieve certified B Corp pending status.


When it comes to how we measure success, we see our ability to source incredible talent and provide strategic consultancy as the bare minimum. Where we truly judge ourselves is not who we hire, but in their impact on the planet.


We have a fundamental belief that we have to fulfil our purpose. The gravity of what we do is not lost on us, the actions we take and energy we spend, could mean the difference between a sustainable future or not. Our team are inspired by the belief that we’re making an impact.

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