Case Study

Growing The Better Buildings Partnership team with 3 key hires

The Better Buildings Partnership is a community of property owners who are collaborating to improve the sustainability of commercial buildings.

Widely renowned in the industry, The BBP is a not-for-profit organisation in a league of their own.

With an already high performing, intimate team and an incredibly high-profile membership base; GS2 Partnership were honoured to be retained to support this highly acclaimed business in their growth, with three poignant appointments.

Together, we can create a positive impact and drive success across these following areas

Another sustainability specialist recruiter had been working with The BBP to recruit one of the key permanent roles for a period of 6 months prior to our engagement, unfortunately without success.

The second permanent role was still in the early stages of its shaping and the explicit requirements were yet to be determined.

In parallel, the workload across the team was increasing, with the need to secure the required calibre of individuals surpassing business critical stage.


Through our process of meeting with The BBP executive team and running an in-depth analysis of 

the needs of the business to complement the existing group and their growth, we collaborated to reshape the initial permanent role and introduce it to the market as an entirely refreshed opportunity. Additionally, we were able to accelerate finalising the structure of the second permanent appointment and in the process, identified and highlighted the need for an interim professional to support the organisation.  

We fulfilled the interim appointment within two weeks, immediately alleviating the demanding workloads that The BBP team were facing.

As the primary permanent role had been active for a period of time, and well networked candidates who did not meet the brief had been contacted before our engagement, it took a carefully crafted approach to highlight each individual opportunity in order to captivate our desired audience.

Through our engagement with an extensive number of individuals, we met with over 25 candidates before finalising our shortlist, ensuring that only those who strongly met the brief both culturally and professionally would meet with The BBP. 

5 candidates across the two permanent positions were deemed highly appointable and it posed a strenuous decision for The BBP to identify the two candidates who were ultimately offered a position with the business.

GS2 Partnership worked incredibly closely with the successful candidates through our intricate management of the both the offer process and the navigation of their resignations. 

Despite being offered aggressive incentives to remain with their employers, both candidates exited their existing roles and began the journey of their bright futures with The Better Buildings Partnership.


Both of our permanently appointed candidates are excelling in their respective roles, having delivered a number of crucial programmes of work, including the Green Lease Toolkit, one of the most widely downloaded sustainability tools within the built environment.

GS2 Partnership are delighted to have been referred to 2 members of The BBP for future engagements.

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GS2 helped recruit for two critical roles within the BBP and for a short-term project manager. The service from them has been exemplary. 

From the detailed engagement on the brief to scoping out the market, the process was set up for success extremely well. 

They really understood our organisation, our recruitment needs and how best to position the roles for potential candidates. 

The initial engagement GS2 undertook with candidates, including interviews and candidate profiling was incredibly thorough meaning that we received a very high quality of shortlisted candidates. 

They worked alongside us closely all the way through the recruitment process, supporting us and the candidates to ensure our expectations and aspirations were well matched. 

As a result, we are incredibly fortunate to be welcoming some fantastic talent into the BBP team - what more can you ask?

Sarah Ratcliffe, CEO, The Better Buildings Partnership


Sarah Ratcliffe,
CEO of The Better Buildings Partnership

The GS2 Partnership approach

We are extremely fortunate to have grown our reputation for delivering exceptional talent through a combination of our purposeful approach to expanding our global sustainability network and our extensive, unparalleled techniques applied to candidate qualification.

We utilise a powerful amalgamation of best-in-class technology, psychometric profiling and our human expertise. We invest in understanding our clients and candidates in order to ensure a long term and significantly impactful match between two parties.

From the highly tailored marketing that we produce in collaboration with our talented team, to the no stone unturned approach we demand of ourselves during the initial stages of our search process; our meticulously finessed service ultimately produces outstanding results for our clients.

We consciously commit to partnering with clients who share our vision of leaving the world better than we found it, alongside candidates who find their values synonymous to the organisation we are partnered with.