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Experts in Global Sustainability, Environmental, and ESG Recruitment

GS2 Partnership believes in leaving the world a better place than they found it. That’s why we’re specialists in helping businesses reach their sustainability and environmental goals through specialist recruitment services. We have extensive knowledge in the ESG, environmental and sustainability industry that helps our consultants understand your goals as a business and place the best talent to match those goals. With our incomparable database full of talent and our expertise in the industry, we can give valuable feedback on how to attract the right talent and retain it in the future. Find out more about our sustainability services below:


After enquiry, we will set an introductory call to discuss your requirements. Here we will get a feel for your business, your goals and pain points. Painting a full picture of your business will help us to understand what services you need. We can help with general advisory services, tailored talent solutions with different tiers of services depending on your needs or much more. 

Once we have identified your needs, we will work on building our relationship and present the different package offerings, all the way from our “set” package to the “success” package, we have something to suit every business need.


We collaborate with individuals and organisations to support them in achieving their sustainability, environmental, and ESG goals. Our expertise extends across various industry sectors, including:

We collaborate with mission-oriented, non-profit entities, linking them with seasoned professionals committed to improving the world. This empowers businesses to initiate impactful transformations for the better.

We aid organisations that have the desire to develop sustainable strategies and support the drive towards a net-zero future through our executive search, recruitment, and talent advisory services.

Collaborating with those leading the way in the transition to a sustainable future, shifting from fossil fuels to renewable processes and technologies.

We are a reliable ally in sustainable finance and responsible investment, dedicated to instigating positive change through our recruitment services.

  • Sustainable Property Development:

We’re also carving our way in the sustainable property industry, helping property developers find the best talent to reach their sustainable development goals.


The roles do vary depending on business goals. We can help you source talent at junior and mid level hires to higher level manager roles. Here are some examples of the sustainability jobs we place:

  • Directors/Head of Departments:

    • Chief Sustainability Officer

    • Director of Corporate Responsibility

    • Head of Sustainable Development

    • Chief Environmental Officer

  • Managers:

    • Environmental Manager

    • Sustainability Manager

    • Corporate Responsibility Manager

    • ESG Manager

  • Advisors:

    • Environmental Advisor

    • Sustainability Advisor

    • CSR Advisor

    • ESG Advisor

  • Energy Specialists:

    • Energy Manager

    • Carbon Footprint Analyst

    • Net Zero Specialist

    • Renewable Energy Project Manager

  • Sustainable Finance & Investing:

    • Sustainable Finance Analyst

    • ESG Analyst in Finance

    • Green Investment Specialist

    • Sustainable Finance Manager

  • ESG Professionals:

    • ESG Analyst

    • ESG Researcher

    • ESG Consultant

    • ESG Officer



If you’re looking to recruit in the sustainability sector, we are the agency for you! Simply fill out our contact form, drop us an email or give us a call. We’re ready to get the ball rolling when you are.


What makes GS2 your perfect sustainability recruitment provider?

We envision a future where sustainable strategies and social responsibility take precedence as top priorities on the agenda. Here are just some of the reasons to choose GS2:

You’re one step away from fulfilling your sustainable business goals.


Working with GS2 to recruit our Sustainability Lead - Development was a completely different experience to any recruitment I had done in the past. I had already seen a successful outcome of this approach when they recruited on behalf of the Better Buildings Partnership. What you get with GS2 is a very personal approach - they genuinely care that they are providing the right candidate and the right solution, and they manage expectations well.


Janine Cole,
Social Impact and Sustainability Director
Janine Cole
Sarah Ratcliffe
Simon Tranter
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Paul Clark