The GS2 Foundation is an integral part of our business, and delivers internally on our own ambitions to leave the world better than we found it.


How we help

The GS2 Foundation focuses on charitable donations; fundraising via an event and giving 5% of our profit each year. Time and energy spent in giving back; all employees are given and encouraged to take an additional five days annual leave to use solely on charity days. Developing the profession and overall good causes; speaking at events, giving back and raising awareness. 

The Foundation demonstrates our commitment to our values, showing that our actions align with our purpose and mission; to leave the world a better place than we found it.

Benefitting from 5% of our profit each year, since established, we have been able to deliver social impact locally and globally through our range of partners.


Our Impact

Actively supported by our Founder and our team alike,
our stats speak for themselves.

GS2 In Action


Working with GS2 to recruit our Sustainability Lead - Development was a completely different experience to any recruitment I had done in the past. I had already seen a successful outcome of this approach when they recruited on behalf of the Better Buildings Partnership. What you get with GS2 is a very personal approach - they genuinely care that they are providing the right candidate and the right solution, and they manage expectations well.


Janine Cole,
Social Impact and Sustainability Director
Janine Cole
Sarah Ratcliffe
Simon Tranter
Hannah Leggatt
Paul Clark

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